A mother of three – running in circles.
A wife – when I have the time.
A designer of photos – because photos are our lifelong treasures.  
The mama of Macy – our Golden Doodle (that’s a dog).
Eclectic – only because I cherish what I love.
Intuitive – I can feel what’s real.
Honest – because honesty is the BEST policy (I didn’t make that up).

My family – Tony, my husband & my 3 children
         and yes, I am the family historian. Grandpa is 90!
Cooking/Eating – can’t do one without the other!
Entertaining – because I can’t eat it ALL.
My Mac – it’s really big!
Color – on my walls & in my life.
Patterns – and the power they have.
Unusual – versus ordinary. It livens up our everyday.

…did I mention I have 3 kids?
Designing – on my computer & around the house.
Running & yoga (starting next week) – for exercise & recharge.
Laughing – with my family & friends.
Planning – my every move.

Cookbooks – because I only have time for short stories.
Memories – in all forms.
Antiques – since I was a freshman in college.

Open – a neighborhood restaurant one day.
Retire – and live on Cape Cod half the year.
Have 3 Days – to clean & organize my photos!

Finally, I discovered my purpose. Taking photos of my children...many, many photos! With this type of (addictive) purpose I needed to find a solution for my overflowing 'to be scrapbooked' box and maxed-out photo library on my hard drive. I also craved a solution to the guilt I felt when I forgot about great snapshots that were filed away ...somewhere.

Bottom line - my three 'photogenic' children inspired me to quit my corporate job & become a photo artist. Photo art is a combination of, well...photos first, then colors, patterns, words and possibilities. It's a way to personalize our greetings and the art we hang on our walls.

Paper Locket's designs offer solutions to all those with very photogenic children...that's about every single one of us! Enjoy what Paper Locket offers during the holidays and for all those special events in your life. Paper Locket's designs are also available to the professional photographer through the nation's largest photo labs - Miller's Lab and Bay Photo.

I live in Shoreline, WA - minutes away from Seattle - with my husband and three children.

Visit my Blog - paper locket's studio for some behind the scene inspiration.


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And...introducing our Design Team Member

I am also an Athletic Trainer-turned Mom-turned Photographer- turned Digiscrapper.  I have always dabbled in various art forms from paper to metals, even though my college degree is in the sciences.  After the birth of my son,  I discovered photography and Photoshop.

My relationship with Photoshop 7 was a short-lived one.  About five-minutes.  I almost threw the computer out the window (well, through it!), but decided to send Photoshop to the recycle bin instead.  Two years later, I learned about Photoshop Elements and taught myself how to use the program.

A while back while blurfing, I stumbled across Jessica Sprague’s website.  I was instantly transformed into her blog stalker (aren’t we all?!?)  Then, in April 2007, CKU Detroit needed some volunteers, and I met Jessica in person.  She is truly as kind, smart, and amazing as she is online.

I hope to make Macs & Shoebox fun and easy to understand, so that you can unleash your inner-creative Goddess, without chucking your computer out the window.

Feel free to visit me anytime at SweetMollyMac.com

Molly Schneider - a Mac-oholic
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